It is common for some industries to suffer prejudices in relation to development in the market and be seen as villains within the environmental context. And with the industry lubricants, this is no different.

However, what few people know is the work and investment we make to be in compliance with current legislation, contributing not only to the preservation of the environment environment, as well as seeking solutions and innovations to transform the quality of life of people in general.

Since 1992 with the First United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Eco 92), held in Rio de Janeiro with 178 heads of government, the concept of sustainable development was designed with the aim of protecting and preserving the environment environment with balanced and essential sustainable practices.

On this premise, some necessary policies were established for actions with an impact environment, among them, for our sector specifically, changes in relation to consumption fossil resources such as oil.

The automobile industry then starts to develop more economical engines, with less emission of pollutants and great applied technology. For the lubricant sector, the conduct it was no different and we, at Ultrax, apply these terms in our processes.

Accompanying the technological development of engines, investment in the lubricants has increased, both in research and in the development of greater performance, which efficiently contribute to greater fuel economy and higher engine performance while considerably reducing the emission of pollutants, reducing the environmental impact with substances that are less harmful to the health of people and the environment.

The result of this investment is perceived through the high performance of these products, made with base oils and additives in accordance with international requirements and standards global quality. Despite the higher cost, the investment is reflected in the production of lubricants that are in compliance with current legislation, in addition to the recognition and emphasis in the consumer market, mainly the most demanding of quality standards. The same applies to international oil companies that entrust the production of their portfolio of products to our company, recognizing the quality and integrity of all our Production processes. This places Ultrax within the global standards and requirements of lubricant industry.

Our laboratory is certified by ANP – National Petroleum Agency, which registers and regulates the production, distribution and resale of petroleum derivatives in the country. We work for the constant development of the lubricants market, always with the responsibility, sustainability and obligations relevant to all stages, from the development to the sale of our products.